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We are family – FCBD® workshop weekend with Kelley Beeston (FCCE certificated)

28. Juli - 30. Juli

“One thing I have learned in my dance life is how important my dance community is. Over the years I have made many connections and they are to be cherished. This dance event is about those connections, how we come together, how we use those connections in our dance and beyond.“ Kelley Beeston, 2023

I couldn’t have found better words. Kelley and I always share the meaning of family time when we’ve shared something together over the past 6 years. Dancing, of course, but also socialising. And after the General Skills and Teacher Training in 2022, we want to continue with the great family feeling we had during that time. The venue, Evangelische Frauenhilfe, will also not only provide us with space, but is also a great place to come together, with a large, bright hall, nice rooms, good food and lots of good energy. So we have more than just dance workshops planned and would love you to spend time with us.


5 Workshops and a lot of socializing

The spiral has been found in art, science and nature since time immemorial. As a symbol it represents the Goddess, constant motion, balance and awareness and in mathematics it is found in the Golden Ratio used by Renaissance artists to create great beauty and perfection. So, it should come as no surprise that it is also found within our bodies and our dance. We’ll explore the many spirals we create within FCBD® style, in the rotations around our spine using exercises and drills to improve and enhance our technique in both fast steps and slow turns to really show off the beauty of our dance.

As a lead dancer all eyes are on you as everyone is watching and waiting to find out what will happen next, but as a follower you need to keep your eyes peeled to pick up those subtle cues and gestures.
In FCBD® style our eyes are invaluable for passing on messages, both to our fellow dancers and the audience – where should you be looking and why. We’ll focus on how we use our eyes with the gaze, peripheral vision and eye contact as well as how we use it in our passing moves Using some fun drills we’ll practise this simple but very effective form of non- verbal communication allowing us to ‘talk to each other’ in so many situations.

“A picture is a picture but put a beautiful frame around it and it will really stand out”
Like the fabulous chorus lines of bygone eras our chorus is the quintessential example of teamwork. We’ll be working on strong group ethics and synchronicity as the Chorus can make or break a performance. We’ll explore everything to do with creating and maintaining the most fabulous chorus, from one to plenty, what makes a good chorus leader and team member, using a variety of scenarios from entering and exiting with different formations to picking up and dropping off.

If you have ever seen Middle Eastern Sufi whirlers you may have been amazed by their calm control and wondered how you could become more grounded and balanced in your fast turns and spins. If you’re spinning out of control, getting dizzy, losing your balance or struggling with spatial awareness in any of our turning or spinning steps then here are some drills, hints and tips for conquering spins and taking control of your turns. We’ll be looking at everything to do with spins and turns from what puts the ‘vroom’ into the Single Bump ó turn through to winding up with Partner Spins. This is for anyone who would like to learn how to execute calibrated spins and crack the art of turning!

A fire needs air to burn but water can extinguish the flames. In this unconventional workshop you will be asked to create a performance based on the four classical elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Working in groups we will look at how these elements may relate to our steps and concepts and explore the effects of combining different elements with each other to create a unique performance.


• to speak fluently English and be a good Level 2 dancer can be helpful. But is not necessary
• one participant per registration
• full payment or installment of three


• max. 25 participants
• 5 workshops, 10 hours
early bird 260 Euros / regular 285 euros
daily vegetarian/vegan lunch snacks included
accommodation are possible
• all workshops are FCCE certified, participants get the completed lessons confirmed
• Get-together-Dinner on Friday and Saturday. Drinks and food paid by oneself!


(optional 27. July) 28. – 30. July 2023


Early Bird till the 15. March 2023, 260 Euro
Regular price 285 Euro

Application form -> 2023 We are family Application form + Description + GTC


Evangelische Frauenhilfe in Westfalen e.V.
Feldmühlenweg 19
Soest, NRW 59494 Deutschland


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